The current position:

Order equipment manufacturing industry
Order equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry which provides technical equipment for the national economy with the collective and cluster development pattern. It has a high degree of industrial linkage and intensive technology capital.
Under the leadership of Order, a big scale of high-level gas equipment manufacturing enterprises cluster has been formed with the basis of Panjin Order gas equipment manufacturing base with the investment of more than 1 billion CNY and Classic gas equipment company. The products like city gate station equipment, gas pressure regulating equipment, LNG gasification device, and CNG skid mounted equipment, are exported to Europe, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Order is forging ahead the development direction of big-scale, high-technology, and more internationalization.
Order mechanism manufacturing mainly manufactures the products of engineering accessories of large machinery and equipment. Shandong Zhu Lin Engineering and Machinery Co., Ltd. with a investment of 1.45 billion CNY is a key construction project of national economic development zone. It can design and produce more than 60000 sets of excavator accessories every year. Its modern production technology and comprehensive utilization of high technology can replace similar imported products abroad, which shows the development feature of mechanism manufacturing industry.

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