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Order ecological agriculture
Order ecological agriculture is a new industry for Order Group, which could promote the rural areas by urban areas and urban-rural interaction through the overall planning and construction of production factors and resources between urban and rural areas, Order has promoted the integration of urban and rural development, and the process of "agricultural modernization, rural urbanization, and farmers citizen". Order Urban Agri-Expo Garden of the Phoenix Metro exploited elaborately by Order is the flagship of Order ecological agriculture. According to the government's new regional planning, the theme of this garden was set as agricultural exhibition hall, the farming culture square, the red tourism culture and ecological agriculture base. The planning area of the park is more than 50 square kilometers and the total investment of the project is over 30 billion CNY. According to the themes of ecological, recreational, sightseeing, tourism and cultural, Being a modern agriculture demonstration exhibition center and ecological agricultural sightseeing tourism resort, this garden was designed and planed perfectly, which made this garden as a domestic first-class high-tech agricultural demonstration Park, new town demonstration area and modern urban agricultural tourism demonstration area. This will fill a driving force for the development of emerging industries.

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