The current position:

Order energy industry:
The industries of Order energy Including the investment, construction and operation for the programs of city gas, gas filling for vehicles, coal seam gas drainage, gas transportation. According to the national new energy development strategy and the national leaders’policy makers’important instructions, Order actively developed city gas and other energy industry and made the project covering national four fields including industry civil use, construction and transportation the whole country, through four fields of the industry, civil use, construction, transportation. The Order also equipped with the national planning gas source in the main natural gas pipeline of china-Kazakhstan, China-Russia, China-Myanmar, and Shaanxi-Beijing by national layout Order , which provides the energy security for regional economic development.In China Given natural gas accounted for only 4.6% in the primary energy consumption structure in China, which is much lower than far below the international average level of 24%. There is a wide developing space to promote the use of natural gas in China. Order Group strategic planning and implementation of the long-distance pipeline gas program of Taian - Ji (ning) - Heze-Anping - Su (ning)-Xin (min) - Tie(Ling) and "town" natural gas project that were listed as the national energy-saving and environment-friendly projects and green environment-friendly programs. It realized the synchronized construction of energy allocation and urban infrastructure , the synchronization of promotion of city image and meeting the high quality of life, and the synchronization of protection for the city’s environment and sustainable development of enterprises, and Order receives widely praise and the strong support from the local government , and realized booming and flourishing of the energy industry .

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