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The spirit of enterprise:
Team spirit: proud of a team.
Culturing overall viewpoint , advocating acting with united strength, enhance the centripetal force and cohesion, to make sure of high efficiency operation of the company. The success or failure of a company, are closely related with every employee. Each employee is a resource, solidarity is infinite resources.
Professional spirit: the professional oriented.
Dominated in the market of the industry with a solid theory foundation, proficient professional skills, comprehensive ability. Each employee must have professional vision and knowledge to deal with all the problems in the work.
Service spirit: to serve as a belief
It requires each employee to have service consciousness, and let the service becomes a kind of belief, can place yourself in customers' position to think and solve problems. Customers’ demand is the demand for the company. Establish the efficiency and cost advantages based on the basis of sincerity, foothold home, face to the future.
Dedication spirit: enjoy dedication
It means a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, unremittingly overcome setbacks and pressure. Good at management of everything, and get fun from work. The essence of dedication is loyalty, it is the sublimation of occupation morals. Its value lies in the due diligence.
Sincerity, harmony, Enterprising, New
The spirit of enterprise is an important part of corporation culture, the soul of an enterprise, the performance and characteristics of the vitality of enterprises, and the basis of the development for enterprises.
Enterprise spirit is embodied by the spirit of the staff. "sincerity" is the character, "harmony" is the foundation, "enterprising" is style, "new" is the direction.
Order Group set "sincerity, harmony, enterprising and new," as the spirit of the company, which is the experience that Order people carve, pioneering, and also the spirit of continuous development.
Sincerity: loyal, honest and trustworthy.
Loyalty, integrity is the basic character in life. It is the element of enterprise culture foundation, and an important part of corporate culture.
Loyalty is divided into two aspects, one is the loyalty to the company, is to protect the interests of the company, and work dutifully for the development of the company , to promote the company image. Do the work as our own things. Two is loyalty to the customer, with faith and sincerity. Be honest to customers and colleagues.
Company and employees must be honest to and trust each other, to constantly promote the influence and reputation. The company adhere to maintaining the industry policy in the business activities, establish the moral standard, abide by the commitment to society and customers. The company practices democratic management, and pursuit of the biggest benefit. It created cultural atmosphere of “understand, trust, support ”between leaders and employees. The company should pay attention to and ensure employees’ rights and requirements, guiding and promoting the realization of personal value of the employees.
In the work, employees should establish the overall concept of linked to the company, consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the group company, subject to and service for the development of the company, trust, understanding and support for the decision of the company. The employee should set up the "loyalty, dedication" morality and unity and cooperation with colleagues. Sincerely maintain company image, and strive to practice the commitment to customers, and complete the job with high technology, high quality, high efficiency, high standard.
harmony: harmonious, kind, work together with one heart.
A family that lives in harmony will prosper. "harmony" is the unity and harmony, is the part of the Chinese traditional culture. The company has gradually formed the situation of the coordinated development of the industrial structure, asset structure, and staff structure. The company should adhere to the people-oriented principle,solidarity, cohesion, pay attention to the overall situation. Leading group should unite as one and keep the same step. Cooperate with others, to ensure the coordination and form a work situation of “everybody responsible for his duty, and everybody works with coordination and unity " , in order to maximize the unity and cooperation, to create a good, harmonious working and living environment,and to achieve team goals.
Enterprising: progress, enterprising, keep pace with the times.
Pursuit of progress is the development goal of Order Group. Premise of enterprise innovation is constantly adjusting the knowledge structure. When science and technology develop so rapidly, the enterprises and employees will fall behind if they do not pay attention to learning. The enterprise and staff should always take learning as a lifelong task, continuously improve their ability, develop technology,create the core technology,and train of high-tech talent, to maintain the industry leading position and new progress of every day.
The enterprise should forge ahead, never satisfied with the status, have the courage to challenge themselves, the courage to go beyond the self, to keep pace with the times, and constantly create new achievement and new glory, to achieve new development.
New: innovative, new development.
"New" is innovation, which is the soul of an enterprise, and the source of enterprise development. Innovation means the company should maintain a strong sense of innovation, and pursuit of new ways of development. Innovation is the driving force and the future. It is also the competitive ability and fighting capacity. Only innovation can make the company achieve and maintain the first-class performance.
Innovation means dare to explore and practice, we should keep continuous management innovation, mechanism innovation, technology innovation and work innovation, to promote a new level of work, to achieve the best economic benefit.
Group should adhere to long-term, stable, scientific view, continue to pursue higher goals, encourage innovation,and pursuit of better. To create the first-class quality, the first-class products and first-class service, to maintain and promote a good social image of enterprises, maintain a leading position in the comprehensive strength of the industry, and be committed to creating high-quality public services, to become an enterprise that customer trust, social respect, and have great impact .

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