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Business belief:
People oriented
People oriented is the key of humanity management for the enterprise, and the fundamental policy to build up a harmonious company. It is the lofty idea respecting , caring for ,and cherish people. In the company's development, the human factor is always the first. Company make employee satisfied, and employee will be dedicated to the company. Employee can realize their own value and growing up with the company, while they create enterprise value.
Integrity first
"Honesty" means reality and sincere without cheat, it is mainly personal inner quality. "Belief" is to have a genuine and sincere desire to keep his promise, it is the behavior criterion to keep interpersonal relationship. Honesty is the foundation of the enterprise and life. It is a requirement of morality and law. Integrity is the basis of the success of cooperation. Be in good faith to win customers, and put the interests of customers first, to set up a good faith service system, and improve the integrity image of the corporation.
Serve the society
A company should take the customer as the center, establish an advanced service mode, meet the demand of the customers, and provide humanity, personalized, and sincere service, to improve its service value. It is an important condition for wining the trust of users, maintaining the company's reputation, and good production and business operation .Company should serve the society. Only to provide high quality and perfect service, the company would win the market. Serving the society can help the company with a sustainable development, and the development of the company would provide better service to the society.
Win-win development
Grasping the market opportunities to develop the depth and breadth of gas and many other markets, which is the important guarantee to strengthen the company's survival and sustainable development ability.
All business activities of the company are completed with the cooperation of all parties. Win-win is to ensure mutual benefit of all corporation parties, which is the fundamental purpose of cooperation, which is the common pursuit of all the parties. With open mind, adhering to the export-oriented cooperation, establishing good competitive and cooperative relationship, learning from others' strong points to offset your weakness to form a more powerful strength, to develop new markets, to maximize the interests of all parties , and to repay the society.
Establish the people-oriented idea, base on the principle of good faith, rely on the high quality service, develop the market, and make all parties satisfied interests pattern, which is the target of the business activities of China Order Group Industry Limited.

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