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The logo of China Order Group Industrial Limited is the combination of an abbreviation of the English word "Order" and the Chinese "奥德集团". The meaning of"Order (奥德)" is the sequencingly and normal work and command.
The logo is positive, strength and tenderness, introverted outside, balance between action and silence, concise and lively. Main body of the logo is the abstract combination of characters ‘o’ and ‘d’ . The red line outside (deformable body of o) symbolizes the agility and hope. The image of D symbolizes the goodmannered and profession. The logo is composed of two kinds of colors blue & red. The blue of D is from deep to light when from bottom to top. Blue is the color of the sky, meaning the leading industrial gas of Order Group is a kind of clean energy and an environment-protection project. Blue also symbolizes the profession and preciseness, and the intermediate color symbolizes humanity, flexible style of work. A flowing red line symbolizes passion and prosperity.
The logo symbolizes that the strong Order Group hold up the clean, environment-friendly gas industry in the blue sky, with unity and enterprising, condensed upward and prosperity.
The logo fully convey the Order Group’s spirit of enterprise of ‘honest, harmonious, forward and innovation’ and enterprise's trade mission and social responsibility of creating high-quality public services efficiently and becoming an enterprise with customer trust, social respect, and great influence.

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